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The Greensprings Wildlife Sanctuary is dedicated to providing guests with an authentic mountain retreat experience, fostering a deep connection with nature, and providing guests with memorable conservation experiences. The sanctuary is located just east of Ashland, Oregon. It sits on 170 acres of an old ranching homestead with 154 acres dedicated to preserving the old growth forest and oak savannas at the top of Greensprings Mountain. The remaining 16 acre homestead consists of a private residence with barns, chicken coops, pastures, and gardens, where the owner-artist-steward resides. A cozy Sanctuary Cabin, and an Artist Retreat loft apartment are available for booking year round. 

The Greensprings is a special, sacred place known for its hundreds of fresh water springs bubbling up from ancient volcanic aquifers. The water here feeds creeks leading down to the Rouge River and Klamath River and provides habitat for the threatened Sandhill cranes, Jenny Creek trout, and  American River otter. The sanctuary sits within the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument and the Soda Mountain Wilderness Preserve, serving as a protected land bridge for far ranging animals like black bears, wolves, deer, elk, and mountain lions. The steep mountain cliffs are roosting and nesting sites for eagles, peregrine falcons, and hawks. And in the spring and fall migratory songbirds pass through on their way to seasonal homes.

Day visitors and leashed animal companions may visit the sanctuary via the Pacific Crest Trail but are restricted to the public trail easement. Pets are not allowed anywhere else within the sanctuary as they can disrupt the wildlife and upset rehabilitation of rescued animals residing in the homestead.  

Sanctuary Cabin

The Sanctuary Cabin is a two bedroom home with a loft, capable of accommodating up to four guests comfortably (1650sqft). The cabin is family friendly and equipped with modern amenities such as a fully equipped kitchen, cozy living area with a fireplace, one and a half bathrooms, outdoor deck, steam sauna, and panoramic views of the surrounding wilderness. Additionally, guests have access to hiking trails, wildlife observation points, and recreational activities within the sanctuary.

For information about amenities and available dates please click on the link 

Classic Title

Artist Retreat

The Artist Retreat is a converted barn loft apartment, with an open floor plan and one queen sized bed, capable of accommodating up to two guests (966sqft). The apartment is equipped with a small kitchenette, a full bath with shower and a private balcony landing. There is a small desk in the main living space, and a separate office/studio tailored for productivity and creativity. Guests will have access to nature, hiking trails and wildlife observation.

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