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"Death is the wish of some, the relief of many, and the end of all." -Seneca


Nature is an amazing engineer. Each piece of moss, seed, leaf, flower and bone was built to serve a specific purpose to which it's design is perfectly suited. Death is as much a part of that design as anything else. I collected all of the specimens depicted in this print from a field between 98th street and the 580 freeway.  The skull is from a Didelphis virginiana or more commonly known as a virginia opossum.  


Signed Limited Edition print of 10


Materials: flowers, seeds, pinecone, skull 



98th Field

  • All prints are made on archival quality Fuji Pearl photo paper offering a high gloss, sharp detail, high intensity color and destinictive pearl-like appearance. 


    Mounted Prints are made on the same Fugji Pearl paper and mounted on a 3/4" foam core and finished on the edges in white. Mounted prints come ready for display and do not require framing. 


    (Framing options coming soon)

  • Your signed and numbered mounted print will arrive in a protective sleeve, shipped in a sturdy box. Clean shipping materials are recycled whenever possible and may contain some plastic (plastic free packing coming soon).  Once the print arrives, please handle gently and with clean hands, as there is the possibility of oils from your fingertips transferring to the photopaper. Each print is sprayed with clear protective coat to improve durability and prevent fading from uv light. Mounted prints may occasionally be wiped gently with a microfiber cleaning cloth, the type you would clean eyeglasses with.

All orders of Limited Edition Prints are signed and numbered by the artist. Orders are filled once a month to bundle production costs. 
If you need a print sooner please contact me
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